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The EDSFF group has fully released the specifications to SNIA/SFF

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Delivering the Building Blocks for the Next Decade of Enterprise & Datacenter Storage Form Factors

The Challenge

"Existing form factors are a limited fit in today’s Datacenter"

Dynamic Time For NVM in The Modern Datacenter

  • Flash proliferation in compute and storage (JBOD -> JBOF)
  • PCIe – Transitioning from Gen3 to Gen4. Gen5 coming!
  • New storage technologies are challenging NAND

Existing Form Factors Are Constrained

  • Rotating media form factors constrain density and cooling
  • Lack of hot plug support constrains serviceability
  • Divergence of FFs constrains system design flexibility

Flexible Building Blocks Fit For Scalable Solutions

"Invest for the next decade with building blocks for today‘s NAND-based SSDs and next gen NVM technologies."

  • The Enterprise & Datacenter SSD Form Factor Workgroup formed by industry leaders
  • Common connector and pinout with a family of form factors optimized for Datacenter
  • Flexibility & scalability paramount as tomorrow’s workloads are unknown
  • Sandbox for innovation


"Common capabilities across family of SSD form factors"

Datacenter System-Optimized Design

  • Fits in common datacenter system chassis: 1U, 2U, etc.
  • Cost benefit to system designs with 12V only for main power

Meets Common Customer Needs For Storage Devices

  • Drive is easily accessible to the user
  • Supports Hot-plug insertion and removal

Cost-Optimized Card Edge Drive Interconnect

High Density, Capacity and Performance Options

  • Family of form factors to meet key use cases
  • Compatible connector options to support x4 and x8 NVMe drives

EDSFF SSD Key Characteristics

"Flexibility for today’s and future storage devices."



Connector Type

Card Edge – Leveraged across the industry

NVM Support

8 to 64+ NVM sites (NAND & emerging NVM)

Hot Plug

Full support, front or back


1U or 2U as vertical or horizontal

PCIe Support

Gen 3/4/5 up to 16 lanes


12V, Up to 50W+

The Common EDSFF Connector

"Design your system with flexibility – storage and beyond."

One Flexible Connector Solution With Headroom For The Future

  • Gen3 / Gen4 / Gen5 (and beyond)
  • x4, x8, expandable to x16
  • 12V (50W+)

Common With Other Standards

  • Reduce unique endpoints
  • Fewer stranded lanes

Specification Publicly Available in SFF

EDSFF Shared Pinout Developed for NVMe Drives

EDSFF Common Connector

FF Concept Optimized for Servers

"Optimized for scale-out main storage in servers."

System-Optimized NVMe Drives For 1U Rack Space

  • Vertical fit in 1U: existing system height
  • Fits in depth of traditional 2.5” HDD
  • Common single building block drive across systems (1U, 2U, 4U, etc.)

Key Benefits:

  • 2-4x drive density increase (16+ in ½ wide 1U)
  • Significantly improved system cooling for TCO
  • Low cost storage scaling (Low-Power NVMe)
  • Enables small servers with full feature set
  • Lower base system infrastructure cost
Lenovo research prototype EDSFF connector

FF Concept Optimized for Enterprise

"Modernize today’s mainstream server for fast NVM."

System-Optimized SSDs For 1U/2U Designs

  • Horizontal fit in 1U –matches 2.5” quantity in 2U
  • Vertical fit in 2U –more density w/ lower cooling needs
  • Up to 3 lengths satisfying server/storage uses
  • Height optimized for ½ or ⅓ width servers

Key Benefits:

  • Balanced capacity/density increase
  • Improved cooling for lower TAM better acoustics
  • Balanced height to length for future SSD designs
  • Larger FF for performance/x16/SCM next gen use cases
Dell Concept EDSFF System

FF Concept Optimized for Storage

"Enable the ultimate NVM density in 1U. 1PB in 1U and more."

System-Optimized For 1U Server

  • Vertical 1U support, Scalable to 2U
  • 48+ NVM sites

Key Benefits:

  • Optimal density, High Capacity
  • Higher performance
  • Optimal cooling
  • Hot Plug Support
  • Scalable Capacity
Intel JBOF Concept System EDSFF

EDSFF Summary

Optimize NVM For Datacenter Building Blocks

  • Capacity, Cooling, Cost
  • Promote common ecosystem across the industry
  • Enable innovation through upcoming technology disruptions
  • Optimized solution for that system including cost, airflow, and capacity

The EDSFF Connector Specification Draft is Now Available in The SFF Organization For Broader Industry Review

New EDSFF Specification Drafts of SSD Pinout and Form Factors Will be Created and Submitted For Industry Standardization in 4Q17 Timeframe